Privacy Policy


Personal Information Collected

Collecting, Using, and Providing Personal Information. While carefully considering the entrusting of customer information during company activities, Hitachi Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd. will handle such information appropriately by establishing a management system for personal information protection for each type of business, and also by following stipulated rules for collecting, using, or providing personal information.

Following Laws and Norms. For the handling of personal information, Hitachi Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd. will follow the local laws and norms applicable to the protection of relevant personal information. Also, Hitachi Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd. will create and follow personal information management rules that conform to these laws and norms.

Implementing Safety Measures. To ensure the correctness and safety of personal information, in accordance with the rules for information security, Hitachi Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd. will implement various measures (such as managing access to personal information, restricting the means for transporting personal information outside the company, and preventing incorrect access from outside the company), and strive to prevent any problems with personal information (such as the loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of information).

Respecting a Person's Rights Regarding His or Her Personal Information. When a customer makes a request to reveal, correct, or delete his or her own personal info

Establishing Rules for Managing Personal Information Protection, and Making Continual Improvements.Hitachi Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd. will make sure that executive staff and workers recognize the importance of personal information protection, and will steadily establish rules for managing personal information to ensure that such information is used appropriately and is protected. These rules will be maintained and improved continually.


Use, Disclosure And Retention Of Personal Information Collected

1.Hitachi Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd. will use personal information only to achieve the following listed purposes.

a)To execute contracts between a customer and Hitachi Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd.

b)To contact for discussions or meetings with customers.

c)To provide after-service for products.

d)To send guides for conventions or meetings, or guides for new products.

e)To provide various types of member services.

f)To respond to various types of inquiries.

g)To perform analysis to improve products or services, based on surveys.

h)To provide personal information to Hitachi Chemical group companies when Hitachi Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd. co-operates with a Hitachi Chemical group company to carry out some business tasks.

2.Hitachi Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd. will not provide customer personal information to a third party without first obtaining consent from the customer, except in the following circumstances:.

a)When required by law.

b)When required to protect human life, to avoid injury, or to protect assets, and when obtaining customer consent would be difficult.

c)When required to improve public health or improve the healthy upbringing of children, and when obtaining customer consent would be difficult.

d)When required to co-operate with the lawful activities of a national agency, local government organization, or person or organization entrusted with such a task, and obtaining customer consent would interfere, or be likely to interfere, with the carrying out of such activities.

e)When entrusted with the handling of personal information, in the range of activities required to reach the purpose of the use.

f)When providing personal information to continue business activities when business-related events such as mergers occur.

3.When required to do so for business activities in which Hitachi Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd. is co-operating with Hitachi Chemical group companies, Hitachi Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd. sometimes provides Hitachi Chemical group companies with personal information (such as names, workplaces, home addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, etc.). In such cases, the customer personal information is provided on paper or electronic media. The customer can request Hitachi Chemical Singapore Pte. Ltd. to stop the provision of the personal information to a Hitachi Chemical group company.